Suspended Computer Repair

Hi, We Are TechiTeens!

The Premier Computer Repair Company

The Days of over complicated, Less than Satisfactory, over Priced Computer Help Are Over


Because sometimes time is of the essence

We offer remote support. The same high quality support, just on your time. Call Now!


Makes Sense.

Same experience. Same Tools. Same results. TechiTeen's uses the same high-tech tools to successfully diagnose and repair issues as the big guys. We don't maintain a multi-million dollar warehouse or a over-the-top advertsising campaign. Our costs are minimal and we pass those savings to you. Why pay more? Keep it local.

Business Sense.

Small businesses have their needs. You need someone who will have your back, through the good times and the bad. TechiTeens has worked hand in hand with doctors, realtors, lawyers, DJ's, and even a doggy day care! We specialize in point-of-sale systems, credit card processing, phone systems, and even search engine optimization. We can get your business online whether it's updating a current website or creating an entire new one. TechiTeens has your back.

Box Sense.

Ever receive a present that you have been waiting for, for a long, time only to realize it's not all that you expected? Same with your IT firm. The big guys can promise a one-on-one connection, fancy cars with some over the top paint job and a call center that refers to you as a number. What do they actually deliver? A big bill. We are your all-in-one stop for everything IT. We may be small, but we pack a big punch.You name, it we do it.

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