Vintage photos with the Diana+

Diana+ Camera

With the Diana+ Camera, a newer version of the classic Diana camera, you have the ability to really do some artistic experimentation with lomography.  You’ll soon come to realize that your accidental actions have the potential to create some of your best photos.

The camera body is almost entirely plastic, including the lens, and it uses 120 film.  All the actions such as winding the film and focusing are done manually.  This can take some getting used to, but you will end up surprising yourself with your skill and have the hang of it by the time you’re done with your first roll of film.

Each photo you take has its own unique qualities.  Contrast, exposures, blurring, and overlapping frames all come together with unexpected results to create great shots.  You can also use the camera’s pinhole and panorama features add even more creativity to your photos.

Using the Diana is a welcome break from digital photography.  You get much more satisfaction from your pictures then you would from using an app like Instagram or other camera filter apps.  Because of this, the Diana sure to satisfy both aspiring photographers and people just out to have fun with their cameras.

Grab yours now: $44.95

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