A Technological Downfall

A Technological Downfall

My Analog Notebook

Many say we take technology for granted. Those ‘many’ are completely
correct. Unfortunately, i had to learn about my own technology dependence through the loss of my laptop. It not only connected me to my school life (facebook, outlook e-mail, AIM) but also to my personal  lifestyle.

I, like most computer users use my computer to access the internet to collect information. Whether this information is of high urgency such as the current weather to the less important information such as the most recent Peanuts cartoons. But how important is this seemingly unimportant access to information?

Very, I have only been computer-less for a few days now, yet i already feel completely isolated. For the first time in years i brought an analog notebook to class. Sometimes i wondered if i left my ‘notebook on’. Though my Mead notebook does not require recharging and does not ever run slow, it did not point out and correct my ‘typos’. It was unable to satisfy my desire need for information. The notebook could only reflect information i ‘submitted’ to it.

A friend jokingly remarked that i should ‘update the firmware’ of my notebook to include spell check. To that i replied “If only i could find the automatic update button.”

Just in case if you are wondering how i wrote and published this post- i originally wrote it as a .PAP (pen and paper) and as soon as a computer became available, i typed it up and made it available online. So on that note, i leave you to think; technology is amazing but is it necessary?

Seth Shapiro is Chief Analyst at TechiTeens


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