ACM Wallet Continually Sets New Standards for Personal Security – Custom Engraved

We first featured the ACM Wallet a few years back when they had only two different models (the 12 and 6 card) available in your choice of color. Visiting their website shows ACM has been hard at work developing the next high-tech wallet that will become the standard of business travelers. The ACM Wallet not only offers a world-class organizer capable of of holding your most precious credit cards and loose bills with the included money clip however it also protects your identity with RFID protection. What is RFID and why do I need protection?
ACM Wallet EngravedI invite you to open your current wallet and remove all your credit and debit cards. More likely than not, one of those cards contain a “quickpay” feature that allow you to tap your credit card at a merchant to pay instead of swiping. Convenient yes, but a huge security hole. To get the information from your precious cards requires nothing more than a person with bad intentions, $20 worth of equipment from eBay and a laptop. Simply walking past them in a crowded place is enough to give them all of your data. The ACM Wallet with RFID protection eliminates the security hole, providing a “firewall” between your cards and the outside world.

Even with all the cool technology stuff included in the wallet is a bigger feature! Now you can get your own ACM Wallet customized with hand-laid Genuine Swarovski Elements or an engraving of your favorite photo or company logo. We had the chance to have our very own logo turned into a ACM Wallet, and it’s stunning! I put photos of the finished product at the very bottom of this post. The customization of these wallets make them great gifts for your significant other, the always-traveling friend, or that one friend who wants the latest and greatest technology.  ACM wallet can customize pretty much everything about the wallet for you, from the colors (front/back), design of the Genuine Swarovski Elements and the engraving. Anything from a corporate logo, a memorable photo or a picture of your favorite TV star can be uploaded to create your perfect wallet.

ACm Wallet Genuine Swarovski Elements

The first time we reviewed the ACM 6 Card wallet, I knew we would be seeing more of them. It is a great product, that offers a great service at a great price. At only 3 ounces the 6 card is a lot lighter than conventional wallet. What is especially cool, the ACM wallet also has the ability to hold pictures or business cards! What would be better than a prospective client asking for your card, you whip out this high tech-thing and with one push of a button your card almost magically pops out. It shows you’re organized and will surely start a conversation about what in this world you use to hold your cards. In a world where everything from cars to laptops are getting smaller, it is time our wallets shed some weight as well.

ACM Wallets come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.The 6-Card wallet is available  insilver/black hybrid, black, blue, pink and camo starting at $39.95, wallets with Genuine Swarovski Elements $109.95 and the 12 card wallet $59.95. ACM Wallets can be purchased at





Additional photos of the Wallets:
Please note: These photo do not do they justice, stunning in person!

 ACM Wallet Shapiro Consulants ACM Wallet Shapiro Consulants TechiTeens ACM WalletACM Wallet Shapiro Consulants


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