All you could want in a computer: The Lenovo IdeaCentre B540

The development of Windows 8 with touch capabilities has caused computer manufactures to start making the push towards touch controlled everything.  This includes your desktops and laptops that have traditionally been only operable through a keyboard and mouse.  Lenovo delivers all this and more with the IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One Desktop.

There is no shortage of features on the B540, the biggest being the touch screen which is not only speedy and responsive, but the 1080p resolution ensures everything is extremely sharp.  Running everything you do on the computer is a Core i3-3220 3.4GHz processor and 4GB (expandable to 8GB) of RAM.  It also has a 1TB hard drive which should be more than enough for all your photos and movies.  If for some reason you still don’t have enough space, a 2TB option is also available.  Last but not least, the B540 comes with a 720p built in web cam that is great for video chatting self portraits.  The Lenovo can also effectively replace one of the TVs in your home (or just give you an additional one).  With an optional TV Card, you can watch your favorite TV shows right on the computer.

The Lenovo is very convenient to install and use.  Since everything is integrated into the screen, there is only one wire that you have to plug in.  Plus, it has a wireless card pre-installed so you don’t have to worry about placing the computer near your router.  A wireless keyboard and mouse complete the package and eliminate even more wires.

All-in-One computers may not be as portable as laptops, but they do serve their purpose by providing users with more computing power and larger screens.  With an optional TV card installed on the Lenovo, it can even replace one of the TVs in your home (or just give you an additional one).  The amount of features the Lenovo provides is excellent considering its price.

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