Blackerry Curve

Blackberry Curve
by RIM Technologies

Long ago in the
world of monotone color screened phones I used a Nokia 3390 (Gold Edition). For
the day it was pretty advanced, it had an address book, a basic calendar, and
snake! By far the phones best feature was snake. Unfortunately a washing
machine took the life of the Nokia- which was replaced by a Sony Ericsson only
a year later.  Today, I am a recovering
windows mobile addict- with a taste for berries. BlackBerries that is, before I
actually had the chance to own and use a blackberry long-term I was very
opposed to the average Joe having a Blackberry. It  is for big business people with a big
business pay role? Wrong.

The BlackBerry curve
is one of the best devices I have ever had the pleasure of using as a primary
phone. In the past I have used the HTC Tilt (can you say huge?), Palm Treo
700w, Palm Treo 800w, Ipaq 5530  and many
others. What do all of these phones have in common? They all are huge, power
hungry ‘smart phones’. Sure, they can edit word documents and access the
internet but that is where the ‘smart’ ends. Often the phones would freeze, or
randomly decide not to work for a few hours. The Blackberry has changed
the way I see my phone.

The Curve, takes the best out of a BlackBerry and multimedia device.
Sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, texting is a breeze. The trackball makes
navigating the somewhat streamlined menu a pleasure, and the microSD slot is
great for adding music, pictures of what ever else you can stick on it.

Currently, you can
grab a BlackBerry Curve from AT&T for about $99.99 with a new service
contract or $349.99 without a contract.

Today I have ditched
Windows Mobile for the less cluttered O.S. of the BlackBerry. I enjoy push
e-mail with my Yahoo! & Office Live accounts. With Google maps, I am
never lost or without an idea of where I am.
If you are looking for a great phone to keep you on track and always in
touch- the BlackBerry is definitely the device for you. I have also taken the
time to create a customized skin for my Curve, LINK HERE.

A review on the skin
can be found in a previous review on “UniqueSkins


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