Eliminate dead zones with the zBoost YX545 service booster

Even though it’s the 21st century and mobile devices are seen everywhere, it still is not uncommon to experience dead zones where the lack of cellular service severely limits the capabilities of your phone.  The worst case scenario is living in one of these dead zones, which can be located anywhere from urban environments where buildings block signals to rural environments where it just was not cost effective for providers to install cell towers at frequent intervals.  If you are faced with this problem, the zBoost SOHO YX545 can help solve it.  It works by capturing the minimal cell signal that you do receive amplifying it around your home.

The zBoost is the size and shape of a wireless router.  Installing it is very easy, although there are some stringent requirements that are necessary.  Included in the box is an antenna, the zBoost base unit, 50 ft of coaxial cable, and mounting brackets that allow for flexibility with where the antenna is placed.  With the antenna, this is where the installation requirements come in.  It must be placed with 15 feet of vertical separation from the base unit, making it better suited for homes where you can accomplish this.  The farther the separation from the base unit, the better the setup will work and the stronger your signal will be.

Once the antenna has been correctly installed, all you need to do is plug the base unit into power and then wait for its indicator light to turn green.  This lets you know that everything is broadcasting correctly.  The instruction manual details what other notification lights mean and how to troubleshoot possible issues.  When the booster is working problem free, you will immediately experience a significant boost in your cell signal.  This means fewer, if any, dropped calls and missed text messages.  Additionally, the zBoost itself has a range of up to 3000 feet so you should not have any issues extending your cell network to your entire home.  You will no longer have to worry about being in a certain room or spot in order to have service.

With the unit costing around $190, it is worth first checking in with your cell service provider to see if they have any lower cost solutions for service problems.  If it comes down to having to purchase a booster though, the zBoost will get the job done right.

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