Get better sound quality for your music with the Uncommon Goods Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Phones can play tons of musical content whether you physically save your favorite songs on your phone or you use apps like Pandora or Spotify to listen.  The sound quality is not always the best coming from your phones speaker however.  The Bluetooth Mini Speaker from Uncommon Goods helps to provide an on the go solution for this.

The speaker is super compact.  It is the shape of a small cube has one main indicator light and a smaller charging light.  On the bottom is a straight forward on/off switch while volume is controlled from whatever device is connected to the speaker via Bluetooth or AUX cable.

Connecting to the speaker is extremely simple.  As mentioned, you have two options, by AUX cable or by Bluetooth.  Connecting through AUX, all you have to do is connect the included cable from the speaker to your device’s headphone jack.  A Bluetooth connection is just as easy.  Just by turning on your device’s Bluetooth, you can select the Bluetooth Mini Speaker from the list of available devices.  Once connected, you can play music from your device from 20 feet or so, depending on if there are walls or obstacles between you and the speaker, before it starts to cut in and out.

The bass on the speaker will not win any awards, but it does get surprisingly loud considering its size.  Overall, the Bluetooth Mini Speaker gives you convenient access to superior sound for your phone or other device.  Its rechargeable battery lasts for around 7 hours of playback, allowing you to take it almost anywhere.  Plus with a variety of fun patterns and designs for it, the speaker is anything but boring.

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