Getting caught with a dead device is in the past with the Universal Gadget Charger Slim

No one wants to be stranded with a dead battery on one of their mobile devices that connect them to each other and the world.  Plus, a dead battery when you get into an emergency can, at best, be extremely inconvenient.  The Universal Gadget Charger Slim from Uncommon Goods will ensure that if you ever get into this situation that your life will not come to a stop.

The Gadget Charger provides you with an extra boost of battery power when you are in a bind.  The Charger itself has an attached USB charging cord that you simply plug in and give 3 hours to fully charge.  After that, the only thing necessary to do is keep the Charger in an easily accessible place and have the USB cord for the device you want to charge.

In actual use, you will probably find yourself using the Gadget Charger mostly for your phone, but it also works with cameras, iPads, and anything else that charges via USB cable.  It has 4 different designs to choose from.  While the designs are fun, they come off as a little girly, so guys may end up passing on these items.  The biggest thing is that if you are not willing to carry the Charger with you, you will not be able to take advantage of it.  However, with the Gadget Charger’s small size and slim profile, there is no inconvenience leaving it in your car or pocket.  This makes it great for travel and a potential life saver if you ever find yourself in a bind with a dead phone.

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