Help your iPhone 5 survive anything with the Otterbox Armor Series

OtterBox has become a common sight with their tough phone cases, but they haven’t offered a waterproof solution until their Armor Series case.  Just in time for beach season, the Armor case offers waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof capabilities so you can feel safe knowing your iPhone 5 is protected.

The Armor case can take almost anything that gets thrown at it.  It remains waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 6.6 feet of water, crushproof up to 2 tons of pressure, and last but not least, its complete enclosure ensures that your iPhone remains dust free.  Thick edges on the case also keep your phone insulated from large drops up to 10 feet.  These protective features help to make sure that even the clumsiest of phone users will not have to worry about the safety of their phone.

Even with all the case has to offer in the protection department, installation is still extremely simple.  The case comes in two pieces, one of which has a built in screen protector.  They latch together using two metal clips and form a water tight seal on the phone.  Plugs for your ports complete the seal while still giving you easy access to the charging and headphone jack when needed.  Lastly, wire mesh covering the speakers and mic on the phone allow sound to come out, but prevent water and dust from coming in with no drop in sound quality.

Size is the only downside with this case.  It adds .4 inches thickness to your iPhone and even more to its width and height, which is some substantial bulk.  However when considering its ability to protect from drops, water and crushing force, this added size may be worth the safety of your phone.  While this case is not ideal for everyday protection due to this factor and its price tag, if your phone sees a lot of abuse it could end up saving you from having to replace your iPhone.

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