Increase cell phone reception with the Wilson Electronics DT Signal Booster

No one likes dealing with dropped calls and poor quality in their apartment due to bad service.  Wilson Electronics’ DT Signal Booster provides you with a simple, straightforward solution to this by amplifying the cell signal for phones within its operating radius.

Installation of the DT Signal Booster is easy and straight forward.  First, the device’s antenna is mounted to receive cell signals to be amplified.  There are a few different flexible options for placement of the antenna with the best being in an outside elevated position.  If this is not a practical placement option for you, there are other mounting options such as on an outside wall or inside on a window.  These can be much more convenient, but the device will not be able to receive as strong of a cell signal.   After mounting, you then connect the antenna to the booster module and the booster to the indoor antenna that broadcasts the amplified cell signal.

The only downside faced with instillation is that the booster module requires 30 feet of separation from the receiving antenna which can be difficult to obtain and requires running large amounts of coaxial cable around your home.

With everything set up right, you will see a green indicator light up.  Once this happens, you should notice an immediate increase in cell signal, call quality, and data speed.  The Wilson DT Signal Booster is made for improving signal in a single room, but is effective in a single floor environment.  This makes it ideal for apartments and small homes.  If you are frustrated with dropped calls and messages that take forever to send, the DT Signal Booster great solution to solve your problem.

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