Increase the functionality of your iPad with ZAGGkeys PROplus

When it comes to portability and convenience of use, the iPad is great.  Its downfall is when you have to type up papers or lengthily emails.  In situations like that, a touch screen just can not compete with an actual keyboard.  The Zagg Keyboard Pro Plus gives you both the convenience of a keyboard coupled with additional protection for your iPad when on the move.

The Zagg Keyboard has a silver aluminum body which matches perfectly with your iPad and adds only 7mm to its slim profile.  Its keys have a feeling comparable to the keyboard on the MacBook and feel very natural when using.  The ProPlus version of the keyboard comes with a backlight to see the keys in the dark.  This backlight is customizable to multiple different colors so you can reflect your personality or mood.  It connects via Bluetooth to your iPad which sits in the keyboard’s stand at an angle for easy viewing.  This angle is not adjustable however, which is a letdown.

When not using, the keyboard fits right over the screen of the iPad.  The aluminum back of the keyboard serves to protect your screen from scratches and cracks when not in use.  Magnets hold the keyboard in place making for a secure fit.

This keyboard is perfect for increasing the functionality of your iPad.  It works great when you are on the go and its slim, light profile makes it extremely convenient and easy to carry with you.

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