Invible Shield

Invisible Shield
by Zagg

I remember the days when the only way to protect a new gadget was to invest in a bulky, short lived full bodied case. It added unnecessary size to your device for the couple of times it might accidentally fall. Thankfully ZAGG a leader in innovation has introduced the InvisibleShield. The InvisibleShield is a protective covering for a variety of different devices. ZAGG let me test drive their InivibleShield on a HP Dv6 laptop computer.

Installation was a bit tricky, i had to get the help of a friend to peel off the cover from the backing. Included in the box is a solution called ShieldSpray. The spray prevent your fingerprints from getting onto the adhesive side of the InvisibleShield- something i wish i had when applying screen protectors to cell phones.

I cannot say i put a knife to the lid of my laptop to test it’s strength, but it has been adequate protection to protect the laptop from being scratched while in my bag when i move from class to class. They are constantly adding new products to their website, if your device is not up their now check back at a later date. Or you can even request one for your device from their ‘contact us’ page.

To find out more, visit ZAGG’s website Here


  • Scratch-proof your device with the exclusive, patented film – only available with the invisibleSHIELD
  • Exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible, you can show off your gadget and use it without fear of scratching
  • The ultra-thin film
    is only 0.2 mm thick and will not add bulk to your device, so you can
    easily slip it into everything from charging docks to pockets and purses
  • Nano-memory™ technology
    is visible as a very subtle texture in the surface of the film, and
    allows ZAGG to create precise, custom designs that hug the curves of
    your electronics and resists damage and scratches
  • The Military Grade invisibleSHIELD film was originally developed for the U.S. Military to protect helicopter blades


                                                                                          Pen Test                    Backing on Invisible Shield


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