It’s BIG! – Nokia Lumia 1520 From AT&T

Nokia has come out with yet another, Windows Phone.  With an enormous 6’ 1080p display, this phone definitely stands out of the crowd.  The device’s huge screen makes it ideal for viewing documents, watching videos, playing games; pretty much everything except carrying around.  It would be hard to find a pocket big enough to safely store the phone, and that’s without the addition of a case to protect your $199.99 investment.  That being said, if you can move past the size of the device what you have on your hands is an impressive machine, with everything you need right at your fingertips. Its compatible with any device that works off of Microsoft’s operating system, which means your Xbox and your laptop if it’s not a mac, can be accessed from this one device.

One of my favorite features of this phone is the fact that it can smoothly run Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point all at the swipe of the screen. Running on AT&T’s super fast 4G network all of the functionality of Microsoft on your home computer is conveniently located on your Nokia Lumia 1520.  I also found the templates that they gave you to work off of extremely useful.   Using the budget template in Excel I was able to develop a graph that I could use to update and view my spending in real time, and the mileage tracker helped me get a better hold on the number of miles I was getting on my vehicle between fill ups so I could see how many miles I was really getting for my money.  Other templates include agenda, outline, and report for word, and event schedule for excel.

By far the best feature on this device is the camera.  The device has an amazing 20 megapixel camera, blowing the IPhone 5S (8 megapixel) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (13 megapixel) out of the water.  The size of the screen lets you really get a feel for the shot you are taking and then the camera does the rest.  The lighting comes out perfect every time and the colors are more vibrant than what you actually see before you in real life.  If you are a photographer this phone might be your new best friend.

The windows eight setup on this phone was definitely new for me and took a little bit to get used to, but once you’ve adapted you can find the applications you are looking for with ease right on your home screen.  It is customizable if you wish, but after working with the home screen for just a day or two it almost becomes second nature.  The only real negative about this phone is the navigation.  While it has a lot of great features, including allowing you to save favorite places and call up different types of venues right from the opening screen; it requires a $9.99 month subscription to use the AT&T voice navigation system.  Otherwise you just get a map and a moving dot, no voice telling you where to turn and no GPS style navigation.

This phone is definitely a lot of fun.  It’s a little unconventional with its astronomical size, but it definitely sets itself apart from the crowd.  This phone is definitely worth consideration when looking to upgrade to something new.

Pick yours up at your local AT&T Store or shop online!





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