Keep track of your kid’s internet activity with Recover It

Recover It

Security is often a major issue with today’s technology.  Whether you need some way to keep your children safe when they’re online or a way to permanently delete documents in order to protect your security, Recover It gives you a portable solution to all these problems.

At the size of your average flash drive, Recover It is easy to bring anywhere you go and simple to install and use.  This makes using it on multiple computers a synch.  The interface gives you straight forward options for performing its several actions.  Some of these options include searching for specific file types on smartphones or computers, looking through internet history to help find visits to illicit websites, and restoring deleted emails and chat logs.  These all help you to piece together what your kids are doing on their computers so that you can stop unacceptable or dangerous behavior.

Recover It also allows you to restore deleted items on smartphones.  All you have to do is connect the device to your computer and then plug in Recover It.  You can get access to deleted messages and several different types of files.  This feature can be very useful for parents who are giving their children their first phone.  If parents are afraid that the phone is being used to have inappropriate conversations, then Recover It can help find the messages so appropriate action can be taken.

To help protect your security, Recover It lets you permanently delete information.  Your internet cache can easily be erased, helping to protect your passwords and usernames against identity theft.  You can also delete files such as bills or applications that contain personal information like credit card and social security numbers.

Recover It ends up being extremely useful for both monitoring computer activity and helping to securely delete personal information.  Its range of options and uses help make the device worth its price tag.

Grab yours now: $199.12

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