Keeping time anywhere in the world: Timex Travelers Series World Time




It is always good to have a classy watch as part of your wardrobe.  Whether you wear it every day, for interviews, or just for special occasions, it has the power to emanate intelligence and style.  Timex has long been a trusted brand in the watch industry and the Travelers Series World Time is no exception.

With its silver band and black face, the Timex goes with almost anything you wear.  The globe in the background of the face is fitting given the watch’s ability to tell you the time in 24 different cities around the world.  After you set the time in your given time zone, you can use the buttons on the right of the watch to move a dial on the watch to select any of the 24 cities written along the outside of the watch bezel.  Once you select the city you want, the watch then automatically updates to reflect the time there with the 24 hour clock in the top left corner of the watch while leaving the main time unchanged.  The bottom right corner of the watch will also give you the particular season that the area is experiencing switching between winter and summer depending on the hemisphere it is located in.

The Traveler Series is also waterproof up to 100 Meters and has a date dial.  The only downside with the watch was that occasionally the mechanism on the city selecting dial would become slightly inaccurate and would point between two cities rather than directly at one or the other.  This problem would end up fixing itself after switching it back and forth between several different positions on the watch however so it is more of an inconvenience than a deal breaker.

Overall the Timex has almost everything you could be looking for in a dress watch.  Its stainless steel band and expensive feel are sure to impress wherever you go. The watch may be available to check out at a store near you.

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