Protection from everything: LifeProof for iPod Touch 4th Generation

Your iPod Touch often sees just as much abuse as your phone does so why shouldn’t you give it the same protection that you give your phone?  Whether you take it to the gym, beach, or pool, it is exposed to a wide variety of hazards in addition to the ever present danger of drops and falls.  The LifeProof case for the iPod Touch 4th Generation helps avoid the damage that these situations can cause and protect your beloved device.

The case is two pieces, a front and back cover, which makes installation on your device very simple.  All you have to do is place your iPod touch in the case and then press along the edges of the cover to seal the case.  Once this is done, the case will prevent water, dirt, and dust from entering and damaging your iPod.  The front cover also acts as a screen protector preventing scratches and the detachable wrist strap that comes with the case helps to avoid accidental drops.  To keep out water, the charging port is covered with an easy to remove flap that still gives you convenient access when you need to charge the iPod.  You will not be able to use docking stations with the case on however.

The great thing about LifeProof cases is that they incorporate protective features without sacrificing the device’s functionality.  The case itself does not add on serious size to your iPod and all the buttons and touch screen work great when the case is on.  Even the speaker does not experience a decrease in sound quality because the case channels sound through a waterproof opening.  This protection doesn’t come cheap however.  At around $70, it may cost about half as much as your actual iPod did, but the bright side is with its quality construction and durability, the LifeProof is the only case you will ever need.

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