Samsung’s newest addition: Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s newest addition to their lineup of smartphones.  It earns its spot by providing a superb performance of hardware, software, and design.  With AT&T’s 4G network speeds, it creates the perfect device to have on the go.

With a high quality look and feel, the S III leaves a great first impression.  Although the body is made of plastic, the phone maintains a sturdy yet light feel.  On the right side of the phone you have your lock/unlock button with a volume rocker on the left.  The headphone jack is naturally on top of the phone and the bottom has the micro USB port for charging.  Notifications were also almost impossible to miss with the easy to see circular notification light in the top right corner of the phone.  The last button on the phone is the manual home key on the bottom bezel.  This is flanked by touch sensitive back and menu buttons on the right and left.  The home button had its pros and cons associated with it.  While the manual button allowed you to unlock the phone without reaching for the side button, it also made it harder to quickly return to your home screen by simply brushing against a touch sensitive interface.

At first glance, the back cover on the phone looks like it is one piece and non-removable, but upon closer inspection, a notch on the top of the phone next to the headphone jack allows the back to easily come off.  This gives you access to the battery compartment, SD card slot, and SIM slot.  The SD slot and removable battery were a big plus to have, allowing you to expand memory in just a few seconds or get a few extra hours out of your phone with a spare battery pack when you’re not near a charger.

The hardware side of the phone gives you everything you need to run your apps, music, and games.  Its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor keeps up when switching tasks and opening new programs.  Also, with its memory easily expandable with an SD card, you won’t have any issues finding room to store your favorite music.  The S III also supports Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing you to share large files with other NFC enabled phones by simply touching the backs of the phones together.  It also gives you Google wallet capability.  Even with all this, the phone still has good battery life and can get you through a day of average use before it needs to be charged.

Visuals on the phone are very impressive.  The 720p resolution on the Super AMOLED display gives superb detail that lets you take full advantage of the 4.8 inch screen.  It’s great for watching movies and browsing the web.  Pictures with the 8 MP camera also look great on the screen. They come out clear, sharp, and in focus.  Samsung has also included several different photo modes such as its burst mode (which can take 20 pictures in about 5 seconds) and panorama.

Overall, the Galaxy S III has everything you need if you want a top of the line phone.  Its removable battery and expandable memory will help expand the devices life and usefulness.  The only drawback is the phone’s size.  While it is still able to fit in your pocket comfortably, it is by no means unnoticeable.  However, people willing to make this tradeoff on size for the increased screen real estate will not be upset with their choice.  AT&T offers 3 colors to users.  Mabel white, pebble blue, and garnet red.

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