Save on tickets with the Cobra XRS 9770

Cobra XRS 9770

And we’re back, coming at you with a review of another one of Cobra’s radar detectors from their fantastic product line. Cobra is known for making some of the best radar detectors in the market. The Cobra XRS 9770 radar detector did not disappoint. We put the XRS 9770 to the test against radar and laser detectors at highway speeds. We were impressed by its performance.

The design of the 9770 is sleek, smooth and, relatively small. It weighs a mere .33 lbs. Its 4.5 inches long and about 3 inches wide. To optimize its ability, mounting it on the front windshield is recommended by Cobra. Since the device is so small it wouldn’t be an obstruction. In the package there is a small mounting bracket that has two suction cups built into it for windshield mounting (warning: if it is cold when you try to use the suction cups it may be a bit challenging). If you prefer to use the double sided tape for an on-dash installation that would work well too! Once the device is mounted, it is not recommended to continuously put up and take down unless its necessary. If moving the device does become important, you may have to reprogram the built in compass. Which is nothing more than driving in two circles! They made it super easy to program!

The XRS 9770 Is very easy to set up and have up and running in no time. Right out of the package you can mount it, plug it in, turn it on and you’re ready to go! Out of the package not all of the settings are enabled.

To optimize the performance of the XRS 9770, some programming is required. But don’t worry! Cobra made it incredibly simple to program. The 9770 comes equipped with a compact digital screen and audio alerts to let you know what it wants. You can enable all laser and radar detecting bands that it has. All done with 3 buttons!

These same buttons Allow you to do one touch changes on the go. The radar detectors can sound off at places that have automated opening doors, and lights at busy intersections can sometimes have detectors in them to increase the traffic flow. The XRS 9770 will detect them all. Which means you’ll get a lot of notifications if you live in a busy city. To mute the alerts, there is a one time mute button (programming button), and city switch button. This button will automatically lower the alert after a few beeps because of all the possible false detections (Its a great feature, just hit the same button to go back into highway mode). And you have the display dimming button.

Now for the test data! Right out of the package we turned on everything that it has, went on the highway and tested it out. We got on the highway and got up to highway speeds and drove for just a few minutes, there was a cop shooting radar. For safety reasons for the people behind you when you hear it, try not to slam on the breaks. The band seen most for speed traps is Ka (bands K and X have been only doors and lights for our test). When this comes up on the display You have a comfortable space of time to drop your speed before the accurate can get an accurate reading. There is a display similar to that on a cell phone showing signal strength.

Overall, we were more than satisfied by the Cobra XRS 9770. Its a great looking extremely useful gadget that can save you a lot of money in the long run. The only issues we came across was right out of the package very little is actually enabled. It would be better for all of the features to be on and allow the user to turn them off. (More is always better right?!) And mentioned earlier, the suction cups that come on the mounting device can be a little difficult. We had to apply a lot of pressure to make it stay.

The device itself and the money it can save you is worth ever penny of its price tag.


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