Secure your home with Orbicule Witness

The world can be a very unpredictable place and there is an ever present possibility that your apartment or home can be broken into and burglarized.  If this happens, it can be difficult for police to find the culprit if they do not have any leads to act on.  Orbicule’s Witness software can help solve this by turning your Mac into a motion detecting security camera for your home.

Witness is extremely easy to set up and use.  Once you download the software onto your computer, or any other apple device with a camera, all you have to do is purchase a license and you are ready to secure your home.  Activating the alarm will cause your computer to record video once it detects movement and save it to your account which can be accessed on your phone or any other computer.  It also sends you a notification that the alarm was triggered so that you can take immediate action.

Overall the software and interface work very well.  It’s easy to access saved video and images to identify intruders or watch live feed from the cameras so you can keep an eye on your home while you are away.  It even features face recognition where the camera will not activate unless a face is seen.  This can be extremely helpful if you have pets that could accidentally set off the motion detection.

Witness is great if you need a simple, straight forward, surveillance option.  The company is student friendly and offer a discount that decreases the price to 29.99.  Plus you can add as many computers as you like to a single account so you can set up several different cameras.  While having the software will not be able to prevent getting burglarized, it can help make the process of finding who is responsible much easier.

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