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For Green Paper Shredding On The Go – The Hand Powered Paper Shredder
From: Uncommon Goods


Name one invention you never thought you’d see? Okay truth be told you saw the title before, can you believe it? A hand powered paper shredder. Let’s make some disclaimers: if you’re a lawyer or chronic security freak this will not suite you (unless you’re going to super sized forearms). This cool gadget is meant for the occasional shredding – a reciept, a piece of paper with personal information at home or on the go. Before you judge this product you should get to learn more about the company, Uncommon Goods. Based out of Brooklyn, New York (we’re practically neighbors!). They pride themselves on having one of the largest collections of odd gadgets you can buy online as well as there commitment to the environment.

A lot of their products are handmade; they donate to charities, and print on recycled paper. Because of the reputation of the company I couldn’t wait to test out the Hand Powered Paper Shredder. Though there’s nothing else like it, there is a reason why. Using it is a bit tricky, but im not sure what else to expect from such a tool. It’s cute and portable, being only 6 inches long you can bring it anywhere. Small and sturdy enough to take traveling or in a purse. At the price of $24, it is not the best business investment but a great gift for businessman constantly on the move.

From their website:

One Good Turn Deserves Another

You know it’s important to shred your personal documents before trashing them. And you know you should mind your carbon footprint. This handy shredder hits two “shoulds” with one stone, letting you do both at the same time! Requiring no electricity, this compact device has two end caps that twist in opposite directions to activate a hand-powered shredding machine. It’s portable, simple to use, and a smart, easy step toward a greener planet. Made in China.

  • Item ID: 19944
  • Materials: metal, ABS
  • 6″ long, 1.5″ diameter
  • Holds 3 sheets maximum (folded piece of paper counts as 2 sheets).


Why not? An instructional Video

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