Turn almost anything into a speaker with the Bass Egg

You have probably used wireless speakers before, but odds are you have never used anything like the Bass Egg before.  It works by producing vibrations that will turn almost any surface into a speaker.

Despite the name, the Bass Egg doesn’t look much like an egg at all.  It has an hour glass shape with a flat top where touch controls for play/pause, skip, volume, and mode are all located.  The back of the unit has the on/off switch as well as several different options for inputs including mini USB, USB, TF/Micro SD cards, and of course, AUX input.  This is very convenient because it encompasses almost any MP3 source you may have.  The final way to connect to the Bass Egg is with Bluetooth so it is easier than ever to connect your phone or computer to the unit wirelessly.  Also, with 5+ hours of battery life, you can use the Bass Egg almost anywhere.

Now for its actual performance.  The Bass Egg produces sound by vibrating the object that it is placed on.  At first, I was skeptical about how the sound quality would be with the device, but was extremely impressed with the Bass Egg’s performance.  It produced sound that was not only loud, but also very detailed and sharp.  It is even fun experimenting with the changes in sound that occur with the use of different types of objects.  The only downside that I noticed with the Bass Egg is that because it vibrates the object it is placed on, the object has to be devoid of any random items or else they will vibrate and rattle.  This makes things such as tables which are easy to clear off ideal for the Bass Egg.

The Bass Egg is very fun and easy to use.  Its small size is perfect in dorm rooms or apartments and you can simply place it on your desk or chair to create a giant speaker.  Just be careful you don’t annoy your neighbors or any RAs.

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