Waterproof protection for your iPad: LifeProof nüüd


The LifeProof nüüd case for the iPad 2 and the iPad with retina display is great at protecting from drops and potential water damage, but the unprotected screen leaves it vulnerable to scratches and scuff marks.

Its not often you hear of a case that is touch enough to protect your iPad from a drop in the water, but that is exactly what LifeProof claims with the nüüd case.  The case fits tightly around the iPad, creating a water tight seal on the device, even though the screen is exposed.  The sides of the case are thick and provide good shock protection for hard drops.  Despite the air tight enclosure, all the buttons retain complete functionality and the speaker does not experience a large drop in sound quality.  It will however be harder to use headphones with the case on.  Because the edges of the case come up higher than a normal case and there is no open space around the headphone jack, ordinary headphones will not fit in the iPad.  LifeProof provides a headphone extender with the case and it is only mildly inconvenient to use.

You are not going to want to immediately put the case on your iPad and take it for a dunk in the pool hoping that you installed everything correctly.  LifeProof provides a plastic tester, which is the same size as an iPad, with the case. You first install the case around the tester and then you are able to test the seal on the case to be sure you installed everything correctly and there are no defects.  If you did anything wrong, you will notice water on the inside of the tester before actually putting your iPad in harms way.

In addition to water protection, LifeProof provides users with restriction free access to the iPad’s screen.  Functionality or screen quality is not hampered by any screen protectors.  While this avoids the problem of annoying air bubbles that can form between protectors and screens, it leaves the screen vulnerable to scratches.

Overall the case provides great protection if you think you are going to be using your iPad in wet or dusty environments.  If you only need everyday protection though, you can get away with a cheaper case that can give you the same drop protection as the LifeProof nüüd.


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