Waterproof your iPhone with LifeProof Cases

LifeProof Case for iPhone 4/4S

Some may be a little skeptical when they hear LifeProof’s claim to be not only shock proof, but water, dirt, and snow proof as well.  They accomplish this feat by designing the case to be completely sealed off from the outside world, without turning your phone into a brick.

Although the case has several more pieces than you may be used to, it is easy to assemble (although time consuming) and once on, it doesn’t add significant size to your iPhone 4/4S as other heavy duty cases might.  Once on, any space that water could enter the case is sealed off.  This includes the headphone jack and charging port.  There is no sacrifice in picture quality with the case on even though there is a protective screen over the camera lens and flash.  This allows you to take pictures under water without worrying about water damage.  Unfortunately the touch screen doesn’t work under water, but you can use the volume buttons to take pictures and videos.

The downside of the case is mostly in the headphone jack.  Normal headphones won’t be able to fully plug into the phone without using the bulky and inconvenient adapter that comes with the phone.  If you use your headphones a lot, you will either have to deal with adapter or take off the case whenever you want to listen.  The charging adapter still fits without any special adapters, but as with other cases, you can not dock the phone with the case on.

Overall, the case does an excellent job protecting your phone from the elements, including falls.  Even with the case on, there was not a large drop in sound quality on the phone’s speaker or microphone.  And to seal the deal, the waterproof feature lets you live worry free when you are at the beach, skiing, or just walking in the rain.

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