When you need more than the time from you watch: Timex Tide-Temp-Compass

The Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide-Temp-Compass watch looks a bit daunting with its numerous hands, dials and buttons, but the watch provides a lot of useful information for people who love being outdoors.

The face of the watch has five different rings of information.  The outer most ring has markings for telling time (unfortunately no numbers though).  After that comes two rows for temperature, one for Fahrenheit and one for Celsius, with the inner most ring telling you the tidal stage and the compass working with the bezel of the watch.

Timex developed an interesting way to give you access to all this information while still using only four dials.  Three of the dials are dedicated to telling time with an hour, minute, and second hand.  The fourth dial is used for all other functions.  You can switch between the tide, temp, and compass functions with the buttons on the watch.  While this makes for a face that is not as confusing with several dials, it also means that you can only use one of the functions at a time.

The Tide-Temp-Compass is water resistant up to 100 Meters making it great as a dive watch and other activities, but if you just need something for everyday, you most likely will not need all the additional features it provides.

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