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Suspended Computer Repair

Suspended Computer Repair

You're probably familiar with the new internet-turned real world-sensation suspended coffee. A touching story found on FaceBook which strangers paid for the coffees' of strangers who would later come in looking for a hot drink.

We don't sell hot coffee, or even cold. But what we do offer is a service most at some point will need and unfortunely some cannot afford (even though we are student friendly!)

TechiTeens would like to announce the official start of our Suspended Computer Repair program. A program that will not only allow customers to pre-pay for hours of computer work for a stranger unable to pay however we will match all customers donations.

Meaning we will double your impact on the community, if you're in need of computer help and you're going through a rough patch we are here to help.

Let's put corporate profits to the side and our humanity first. We were started by students for students and we're successful soley from their support.

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If you are in serious need of computer help and it looks like we have no donations to give - please call us anyway. We also can build web pages pages for your cause. We'll take care of you, treat those like you would like to be treated.