Limography Camera.

This  camera is not only tasty to the eye but pictures come out pretty nicely. [attached are some pictures] there is no zoom lens and if you’re never loaded film (35mm) into a camera before then it might be a little hard to use. the camera almost always needs the flash on unless you’re outside in blazing sun. it takes 2AA batteries. the pictures get more abstract and awesome as you move closer to the object(s). Perfect for beginning photographers because the wide lens makes ordinary pictures extraordinary.  [youtube=]

I’ve fooled around with the double exposure and its really hard to align the photo’s on top of each other but I’d suggest buying a test roll so you can test out all the little details before ruining a perfectly good roll of film during an adventure. The camera is virtually idiot proof considering the only thing you have to do is wind it and press the button. An easier way to take the pictures is to not look in the viewfinder, it can be a little difficult because the lens covers some of your view, if i were you I’d just point the lens at what you want to shoot and take your picture, your camera is for fun and that’s what you should have with it.
-Leroy G.
Techiteens Analyst


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