Enjoy your music to the fullest with the Sony MDR-X05 headphones

Bass lovers looking for a new set of headphones need look no farther than the Sony MDR-X05. With their booming bass, superior sound quality, and comfortable feel, they are the perfect fit almost anyone.

The headphones have a great design that comes in several different color schemes. They have a durable feel to them all the way down to the cord which has a tangle free design. The cord also includes controls and a mic, making it a perfect match for your smart phone. Ear pads sit on your ears making for comfortable listening, yet they still do a good job blocking out background noise. They also fold up allowing for easy transportation in the included carrying bag.

Sound quality with the headphones is excellent.  The X05’s 40 mm driver units deliver solid bass that is not overpowering and compliments a crisp sounding performance that is sure to please.  The fact that Sony is able to provide this while keeping the price tag down to $199.99 seals the deal, especially when compared to Sony’s competition.

Overall the X05s will provide a satisfying experience for audiophiles.  Superior sound quality lets you get the most from your music and the design of the headphones does a good job of blocking out background noise without using noise cancellation.  If you are considering a pair of over ear headphones, Sony’s close attention to detail with the X05s make them a great buy.

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