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About Us

From our humble beginning in 2005, TechiTeens now stands an example of what "teenagers" are capable of. We are widely known throughout Queens as a provider of quality computer services. TechiTeens has two offices, in Albany and Queens, New York. What makes us unique, your representatives are friends and family of those we service. We are the smart alternative to high and over priced chain computer repair centers.

TechiTeens Computer Repair
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Not To Brag..

... but sometimes kids are smarter than adults™

Would you bring your car to the mechanic if it didn't have a problem? Probably not. So why do other companies charge "diagnosis fees" just to tell you that you have a problem? Free consultation and Free estimate. If we haven't surpassed your expectations you will receive a full refund. Period. We offer incredibly competitive pricing, usually a third of our competitors.

TechiTeens utilizes the same techniques and equipment as the big guys. Same services, better quality why pay more? With us you are not getting what you pay for -you get alot more!

We believe Computer Repair should not require a second mortgage™

Sometimes kids are smarter than adults™

Who enjoys being on hold?
Not a single customer has been on hold in over five years. A trend we do not plan to change.


A full commitment to our community, and a solid dedication to customer service keep us heading forward

We are here to prove, that sometimes kids are smarter than Adults

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