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New Computer Setup
A new computer is an exciting event. Setting it up might not be. Let TechiTeens set up your computer. We will fortify it against future threats to make sure it always runs like new! A TechiTeen will stay as long as it takes to assemble your PC, attaching any peripherals that came with it, transfer over any files from your old PC onto the new one and will explain the basics of computer security.

Advanced Diagnostic, Repair and Prevention
Over the past years, viruses have been getting vicious; Your computer should be just as vicious back. A virus can cause damage that can erase your family's pictures, your important documents, or can render your computer useless. Fortunately, protection against viruses is easy. Before an infection can occur, TechiTeens can get you the protection you need. Prevention is always easier than fighting a virus once it has invaded.

Password Retrieval

Forgotten your user-name or log in information? Has your computer been corrupted by a virus and left you unable to log in? Not to worry. Our Technicians are able to to restore your computer to the way it was and/or update the password with one of your choosing.


System Upgrades
An upgrade can make your computer experience all the better. A new sound card or adding system memory can make your computer much faster, while a new hard drive can give you more space for your "stuff". TechiTeens can advise you on the best way to upgrade your computer. We will handle both the installation and testing of your new/existing upgrades.


Home Networking

Do you have two or more computers, and only have one printer? Or maybe you have a PC, while your wife and/or kids have a laptop. With a functional network you can print on any printer from any computer, share files, share a single internet connection, and maybe even get the whole family involved in an inter-family game (hosted on your private network). Let us set up your wired/wireless network solution! We provide network solutions for homes/businesses big and small.

LCD/ Screen Repair

Has your screen been stepped on? Or has it simply broke? Not to worry, we will not charge you in the hundreds to fix your screen. M ost screens can be replaced and installed for under $190. With a turn around time of one week, what more could you ask for?


Investment Consulting
Thinking about getting that flashy new computer? Watch out, computer makers often make their products look more appealing than they are. Do not pay the premium price for a standard machine. Next time you go shopping, take a TechiTeen technician as your guard against potential consumer traps. Allow them to guide you to get the most out of your hard earned money.

Hardware Installation
Have a new toy? Perhaps a cell phone, digital camera, monitor, etc., only to realize the instructions might as well have been in a different language? We don't blame you, occasionally we need to turn to someone else for clarification, too. Do not let this prevent you from enjoying your "toy"; Techiteens can assist you to set it up, and explain further how to keep it in good working condition.