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Welcome UAlbany Students - ASP: Keeping Albany Informed

Cash For Used Books:


Chegg BuyBack
A great place to buy books you can also sell them back! Make sure you click the link on the bottom to "sell textbooks."

Click Here

A virtual online book buying/selling community, sign up for an account and they'll mail you 6 large plastic cups! Get a friend to sign up and you'll have a complete set :)

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Same as the hard cover editions but entirely digital. Easily search through entire textbooks on your computer, tablet or phone. Most textbooks are 30-50% cheaper when bought as digital editions. Love doing my homework anywhere I am and always having my textbook with me - without carrying it around!

Click Here
Buy or Sell your used books - easy to use, they pay all shipping fees. Simply type in the name of the book, print the label and bring the box to mail services and you're done! In a week or two later they'll mail you out a nice fat check


Click Here
Did you know offers cash for DVDs, Textbooks, old electronics and more? It's true! Simple type in your books name and if a "Trade in your book" link appears on the back, you're in luck!

Click Here


Cash For Cards:
Get a gift card to a store you never shop? There's a website that will pay cash for that card! They will pay the shipping to and from you, simply create an account, and they will mail a check the very next day!

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Printer Ink:
Ink is expensive, but it doesn't have to be! This site has great prices (sometimes HALF of walmart) and free shipping!

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Fun Stuff:
A site with rolling deals, sometimes they feature free toys (lights, LED rings). Usually something pretty cool on sale - definatley worth a visit.

Click Here
Literally what it says, a website with SIX dollar ($6 shirts). Great!

Click Here
Great if your have the patience, you can make .75-$5 taking online surveys. I can't personally stand sites like this, but in one sitting you can buy yourself a bunch of drinks or Mild Wallys Pizza ;)

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You've probably heard of HP/Compaq before, but did you know students get special discounts? Last year, they gave away a free Xbox with most Laptop purchases, and a few months ago it was a free Nook. When you create your account, use your e-mail address!!

Click Here

Maybe you're like me, and don't have time to look up the ISBN's, enter them online, pack, and ship the books out. We can handle everything - just drop them off and we'll do the rest? If you're interested visit the "contact us" page!